legOS Release Effort - Implementation Plan

Last update: 13 May 2002 23:26 MST

We have quite a bit to do to bring this release together. We have a number of independent tasks which can be started now and we have other tasks which must wait before we can begin on them. This page is intended to be an itemization of the tasks we see and who has volunteered to work on them.  We keep these tasks and the actual progress at the sourceforge project task page (I'd put the link here, but you need to be logged in to sourceforge to get there.)

There is no other intent to all of this other than to be a place the project members can refer to from time to time to see who's working on what for this release. In its essence this page reflects information passed between release coordinator and the developers working on elements of the release.

All of the following tasks have been entered into our sourceforge project tracker.

Our Current Task List

(See NEW tasks at bottom of list)

Task 54187: Coordinate LNP testing and fix as needed

Volunteer's:  thess

Task 54188: Coordinate BUG fixes

Volunteer's:  thess

Task 54189: Document config.h for kernel developers (text or html)

Volunteer's:  thess

Task 54190: Coordinate determination of our new name

Volunteer's:  mobenland, emanlove

Task 54191: Coordinate (website) updates after we have new name

Volunteer's:  emanlove

Task 54197: Coordinate determination of logo based on our new name  (we want one don't we?, for web use, doc pages, etc.)

Volunteer's:  NONE-YET

Task 54192: Ensure remote control code is ready for release

Volunteer's:  thess, stephmo

Task 52683, 52684: Update source in support of Doxygen API-doc generation

Volunteer's:  stephmo

Task 54193: Generate our API docs and post to web

Volunteer's:  stephmo

Task 54194: Fix code to do assign of LNP host id at download time

Volunteer's:  jawoolley

Task 54195: Makefile updates and add install

Volunteer's:  stephmo

Task 54198: Study how to address sensor response issues as pointed out in dat4 paper (priority patch). Results may get into this release...

Volunteer's:  jawoolley, stephmo

Task 54199: Update our HOWTO

Volunteer's:  NONE-YET

Task 54200: Coordinate finding and adding a "few good examples" to our collection of demos

Volunteer's:  stephmo

Task 54201: NEW Awaken USB IR Tower support for Linux

Volunteer's:  NONE-YET

Task 54202: NEW Determine style for 3rd party sensor support and add to source tree

Volunteer's:  stephmo, mfalco

Task 54203: NEW Create complete (composite) document of LNP protocol

Volunteer's:  NONE-YET

Know of more task we might wish to consider for this release?  Please let me know! -Stephen

See Also: [release] [install-RFC]

For details on legOS at sourceforge, try the development page.
For discussion on legOS, try the newsgroup at lugnet: lugnet.robotics.rcx.legos.
(This is definitely the best place to get legOS questions answered ASAP.)
Most of all, remember: Have fun.

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