legOS release directory description

This directory contains current and past releases of legOS, as well as any other files that may be useful across both Windows and Linux ports of legOS.

Current Release

The current release of legOS is legOS 0.2.6, released Apr 20th, 2002. [Available from The legOS project page]

Past Releases

  1. legOS 0.2.5, released Dec 21st, 2000.
  2. legOS 0.2.4, released July 26th, 2000.

File Listing

The sub-directory titles below are autogenerated. As a result, it may contain files that are not legOS releases. Furthermore, it may contain "new" legOS files that have higher version numbers than the official release, or which may be altogether un-numbered, in the case of CVS releases. Refer to the section "Current Release" above to clear up any confusion.