legOS documentation

There is a variety of legOS documentation available from this site.


This is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging of the legOS docs. The best place to start for a newbie. With the newest update, this now covers LNP is depth, including code examples. Many thanks to Mike Ash for providing that new section of the HOWTO.

Installation instructions for WindowsNT/Win9x platforms NEW!

This is a new document covering the installation of the Cygwin tools and building of legOS on the Windows platform. Thanks to Paolo Masetti for writing this guide for us.

Command Reference

Dave Chen has written up an excellent legOS command reference that documents and organizes the resources that the legOS kernel provides to a legOS program. If you have already read the HOWTO, and are just looking.

Kernel Documentation

Stig Neilsson has written new kernel documentation, detailing exactly how the legOS kernel works. If you want to become a legOS kernel hacker, this is the place to start. You can also get it as a pdf file here.

Auto-generated API docs

These are a set of API docs that are automatically generated from legOS source. Because legOS source code comments do not always follow the correct format, this API may be slightly incorrect or out of date. However, it is provided in case it may be found to be useful.

CVS documentation

A very quick guide to getting legOS from CVS here at sourceforge. This covers only public access- if you want to get read/write access, write to Luis Villa at

Extreme Mindstorms

If you want printed legOS documentation, this is the most up-to-date printed documentation available. It also details some pretty cool projects that can be done with legOS. The legOS section was written by Luis Villa, one of the co-maintainers of legOS.

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