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The project formerly known as legOS is formally changing names to brickOS. We are in the midst of doing this. We have awakened our new site at

So what is brickOS?

brickOS is an Open Source project that provides a C and C++ programming environment for the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kit, allowing the owner of such a kit to program in good old-fashioned C instead of the standard Lego Programming Language. It was originally developed on Linux, but should run on most Unices as well as Windows.


All brickOS documentation is now linked to from the docs page here at Sourceforge. There, you'll find links to the HOWTO, API docs, and everything else that you'll need to get started working with brickOS.


The current version of brickOS (0.2.6) is available from our old legOS project development page (here) If that version gives you problems, our two prior versions are (0.2.5) here. and (0.2.4) here.

Most crucial brickOS files, including windows and linux compilers and installation instructions, are now mirrored at sourceforge in the files subdirectory.


Since we havn't move the entire project, yet, to our new site you can find details on brickOS at sourceforge primarily at our the legOS development page . Our new project is being awakened. You can find it at the brickOS development page .


For discussion on brickOS, try the newsgroup at lugnet: lugnet.robotics.rcx.legos. This is definitely the best place to get brickOS questions answered ASAP.

Most of all, remember: Have fun.

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